A collection of industrial diesels based in Norfolk              For more details call John on 01603 745421 or Ray 01379 651683

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                     RUSTON No1 COUNTY SCHOOL                                            works No 487753 of 1962. This was the first of the Ruston LPS range, which was regarded by many to be their finest product. Built for the Bury St Edmonds factory of the British Sugar Corporation. In 1983 it  was purchased by members of the Fakenham & Dereham Railway Society and in 1989 went to County School Station as the first locomotive on the Mid-Norfolk Railway. In 1998 it hauled the first works train from Wymondom to Dereham. Transferred to Bressingham Steam Museum in 2004 where it has shunted such locomotives as Oliver Cromwell, Green Arrow and Royal Scott. It has a Ruston 6YEXL 192 bhp engine and Twin Disc hydraulic transmission. It weighs 28 tons , 19,970 lbs (9058kg) tractive effort, Speed, 15 mph,                                                                          

No 1 at Thuxton on the Mid-Norfolk Railway in 1999 with a PW train

                                   BAGNALL No 2                                                                                                             (works No WB3213 RSH 8368 of 1962)                                                                 This was built to a Bagnall design but at the Darlington works of Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd, after both firms were taken over by English Electric. It went new to the CEGB power station at Richborough in Kent and was named Horsa. It later went to Bed ford power station before being purchased for the Nene Valley Railway at Peterborough. At the Nene Valley it starred in the James Bond film “Octopussey”. Purchased by GET in the early 1990s it went to County School station to haul the first passenger trains. It has a Dorman 6QA 262bhp engine and Twin Disc Hydraulic transmission. It is currently having a transmission overhaul.                                                              


                 DREWRY No 3 (now Harry at Barrow Hill)                                                                           (works No DC 2589 RSH No 7922 of 1957)                                                                   These locos were built to a Drewry Car Co design, but contracted out to RS&H at Darlington. It was new to the Dover Gas Co and later worked at the Perfleet Deep Whaft Co before going to CountySchool Station in 1992. It has a Gardner 153 bhp 6L3 engine and a SCG mechanical  gearbox. Tractive effort is 12,600 lbs with a weight of 23 tons.                                                     

                                         HUNSLET No 4                                                                             (works No H6975 of 1968)                                                                                                 Built at Leeds, it was new to the MOD at Chatham Docks as “Arlington Castle”. It went to Bressingham in 1993 and after a overhaul shunted many of the large locomotives on their steep line. It is now at the BNFL site in Sellafield as thrir No5. It has a Rolls Royce C6NFL engine and Twin Disc transmission

No 4 at Bressingham

                   DREWRY No 5 (now EPPING & ONGAR )                                                                                          (works No DC 2566 VF D293 of 1957)                                                                       These locos were built to a Drewry Car Co design but contracted out to the Vulcan Foundry in Newton Le Willows. It worked at the Erith Wharf before going to Norfolk. It also went to the arbortive scheme at Dunstable. Thern to the Epping & Ongar Railway in Essex and now in private storage. It has a Gardner 153 bhp 6L3 engine and a SCG mechanical  gearbox. Tractive effort is 12,600 lbs with a weight of 23 tons.                                                   

                                   BAGULEY-DREWRY No7                                                                              (works No BD 3733 of 1977) Built at Burton on Trent in 1977 for the MOD at Gosport Navy base. It has a Perkins 162 bhp V8-540 engine driving through a Twin Disc hydraulic transmission to give 11,500 lbs of tractive  effort. It weighs 15 tons. Now at Whitwell & Reepham Railway

BD N07 .jpg

                                   ROLLS ROYCE No8 (LT DL82)                                                         (works No RR 10272 of 1967)                                                                            Built at the Shrewsbury factory of Sentinels after RR had gained control. Originally built for British Steel at Corby. After that site closed it was overhauled by Thomas Hill for London Transport. Three locos were purchased to replace the steam pannier tanks and this one worked at the Neasden on PW work. Engine is a RR C8SFL supercharged 325 bhp, Transmission is Twin Dice, Weight 48 tons, Speed 17 mph, Tractive effort 29,200 lbs     


                                     RUSTON No 9                                                                                   (works No R512842 of 1965)                                                                                             This is a LPSE built originally for Reed Paper at Greenhide and named Batman.  It has a Ruston 6YE 192bhp engine driving through AEI traction motor to give 19,120 lbs TE . It is the diesel electric version of No 1 and only a few were built. It has a single traction motor mounted high up directly driving the final drive. This arraignment keeps the water sensitive motor away from mud and water.                                                                    


                                     THOMAS HILL No10                                                                           (works No TH163V of 1966)                                                                                          Built by Thomas Hill of Rotherham with Rolls Royce 203 bhp engine driving through a Twin Disc                  transmission to give 20,000 lbs of TE. Worked at Ford of Sawnsea and Rugby Cement at Barrington                before going to Bressingham Steam in 2005 . Presently shunting at Southall depot in London.      

                           BRUSH TRACTION DE 0-6-0 No 11                                                                         (works No 804 of 1978)                                                                                         Built by Brush Traction of Loughborough with Rolls Royce DV8N 427 bhp engine driving through Brush electrical gear, Speed 31mph. One of five locomotives built for the Tyne & Wear Metro system for works trains and hauling passenger trains in an emergency( Metro No WL4).               Worked for the channel tunnel before comming to Norfolk..